This time the weather did not arrive as requested, what a surprise! The routing softwares do offer solutions, which look manageable, in principle, but the low/high pressure system arrangements are up-side-down compared with traditional pilot charts. Climate change!?!

At this time of the year the low pressure system shall normally move north of the high pressure system and not vice versa.🧐

The truth is, that changes happen rapidly with significant impacts to a sailor out there. It could change quickly on the upcoming passage to Ireland, in favour or against us, who knows. The truth is, nobody is leaving these days. The truth is also, temptations are high to throw the lines and hope for the better.

This morning was last call for a potential leaving window right now, which still has major uncertainties included. Not taking this window means wait and watch but little chance for the next 4-6 days to throw the lines and move on.

My gut feeling tells me to wait and overrule the temptations. It has proofed to be a good final safeguard up to now.

Therefore we will enjoy PDL and São Miguel a bit longer.

Fair winds…