Dropped the anchor ⚓️ near Maasholm. Tired. Shaft vibration issue got cleared and now 🤔…today is different. Why? The journey has started right now! 45 feet and 2 hands are up for another adventure. Heading over to the North Sea, slowly but firmly. 

I like to quote Boris Herrmann: “It‘s an adventure and nobody knows the outcome.” This describes it very well – no more words needed.

Maximum preparation has been done over the last few years but at one point in time…you need to throw the lines! I have done that today with a very rewarding feeling and the support of my wife Susan. Thank you!

Taken from the mission statement: The mission will focus on going with the wind while enjoying time and its moments over and over again in constantly changing nature. The moment – and not the journey – will be the reward.

Wish us fair winds & luck…