Final impressions from Kvitsøy.
Final impressions from Kvitsøy.

Although I was planning for a second night on Kvitsøy, the overall wind schedule pushed me a bit to move on. Under light clouds and no wind I left this remarkable island after refueling some more diesel.

In the meantime we have arrived on Utsira Island, the least populous municipality in Norway and the second smallest municipality in Norway after Kvitsøy.

SY Hullu Poro safely moored in Utsira Sørevågen after an interesting approach into the marina.

There are two(!) marinas on this tiny island, Nordvikvågen and Sørevågen to ensure a safe approach under all weather conditions. We have moored in the South of the island under calm seas and no wind. Although I was expecting at least one or two other sailboats, The Lady and myself are the only two visitors!

After my first hike across the eastern part of Utsira island, one thing became crystal clear: The slogan, the bigger the better does not apply in this case. These islands (Kvitsøy & Utsira) are gems in itself and very different.

So much to explore! I am happy to be here.

Fair winds…