No sleep at all last night! Instead, nasty swell rolling in from West with the increasing tide combined with my mooring too close to the shore. On top of that, a drifting catamaran (my neighbours) with a broken mooring line in the late afternoon hours. Root cause remains unclear. The team around hero Volker got it back under control. Amazing. My head is spinning. All not fun and too much to phrase down! Can you trust these moorings? I remain sceptical but no real option.

I have now changed to a mooring buoy slightly further out to get away from the close shoreline. There is thermic wind from West coming later this week als0 creating more unpleasant swell from West. Not sure we can stay here at all. SY Hexe has left today, moving North. I might follow earlier than planned caused by an unusual trade wind spread.

The picture above taken this morning is misleading. The swell ceased from 4:18am onwards, after the tide reached its peak. It might come back, most likely.

We have to monitor and decide but for now I am tired and will catch up on some sleep. Sailor’s destiny. At least immigration this morning went smooth and I am legally allowed to stay on in Dominica. Good night for now.

Fair winds…