To me, the above slogan somehow summarizes the spirit here in Belfast. It might be a bit polarizing but the industrial revolution was incredible and intense in this part of Ireland during the 19th and early 20th Century. Workers were needed and they came from all over Ireland into Belfast.

The Dock Cafe next to our pontoon here in the Titanic Quarter has got an interesting concept based on donation. Any sober business man or woman would shake his or her head around it not investing a single pound or even penny, whatever the equivalent in sterling might be.

We went there and grabbed a coffee and one of the delicious cakes. Cosy, friendly and accommodating.

Honesty works since March 2012!

We have been in numerous public houses since our arrival in Ireland but Madden‘s Bar is without doubt top notch. It got it all – even on a Monday night!

A bit outside the core city centre, the political couleur shall become clear before you join the crowed inside. Read on the  photo, if in doubt. Latest when the whole pub roars “Back Home in Derry“ someone should not even think about a conversation around the crown.

We will go again tonight for a final pint or two or…