Finally I got another project closed today by receiving the Scuba Diver Certificate from SSI Rubicon Dive Centre, one of the leading global organisations for recreational diving. After four dives with dive instructor Jürgen, there is now some basic confidence to explore the underwater world further. Although my certificate is the lowest in the SSI range, I had to overcome some mental stress and this was only possible with the patience and confidence received from Jürgen.

Thank you!

Maximum depth was 12m and the longest dive took 45 minutes.  Despite the fact that my initial motivation to learn diving was checking the anchor, cleaning the propeller and some other hull maintenance, I am now not sure where this diving adventure will take me to. The underwater world is a completely new space to me but some of the face-to-face encounters with colourful creatures have left some deep impressions.

Observing from safe distance the teeth of a brown moray hiding in its cave or staying eye-to-eye with some kind of seabream trying to read each others mind for a while before moving on are only two examples experienced.

Fair winds…