I am using these representive photos to illustrate the challenges a country exposed to natural disasters has got to cope with. On one side a building completely restored, or perhaps a new development, on the other side its neighbour.

Putting it in another perspective: I met Smily the other day, one of the boat boys offering his services here within the anchorage. He carried a 6m stem of tree with a diameter of  20cm on his shoulder and an axe in his hand walking alongside the road into my opposite direction. The answer to my naive question of what he wants to do with this tree came prompt: rebuilding my house! I felt a bit silly to put it blandly.

Walking into town I pass this building to the right. On my first walk I was so impressed, that they have public toilets in this place, for visitors. Wishful thinking obviously, there seems to be no sewage system and its meant to be for common use of the local people.

Public toilet along the road into town.

The recent two natural disasters in 2015 (Tropical Storm Erika) and in 2017 (Tropical Storm Maria) caused severe damages. While the damage of the first one was only in the range of 90% GDP equivalent, two years later Maria caused damages equivalent to more than 200% of Dominica’s GDP. Even more shocking the number of death being close to 80 combined. Hard to get back on your feed.

As a boatie, I feel it is a good opportunity to be here and contribute as much as we can to support Dominica in its recovery. Every dollar counts and the spirit of its people definitely deserves it.

“Reggae & Rum” might play part in people’s recovery, leaving Cannabis aside.

Fair winds…