The second and final night on this passage is behind us. We were kept at relative high speed and a good indication is the amount of electricity produced by the SailGen, which we have installed 6 month ago. We got 50Ah pumped into our batteries over the last 12 hours, when the solar panels take rest like myself. Yes we are back at days with 12 hour daylight and 12 hours night. Obviously the SailGen can produce another 50Ah during daylight, which comes to a total of 100Ah, which is not bad, I think. As said, on a good and fast 24h sailing day.

The night was without any further events. Some other vessels passing by in safe distance and a stronger moon sharing more light due to very less clouds. I prefer a strong moon where you can see the waves and the horizon compared to pitch dark nights, where you can see million of stars provided that there are also no clouds. The worst for me is pitch dark and no stars because of heavy clouds. Just dark. Realy dark. Edding black.
For last night dinner I got served by myself some good Swiss Rösti mixed with vegetables and a can of smoked hering filets. Too my surprise it got served with a little bit of red wine left over since Funchal. I love it. You won’t find it in a receipe book, I believe.
My 20-30min short napping has developed. Other call it power napping. I mange now to get some deep sleep rest during these short cycles and still get on my toes quickly, when the alarm bells and shouts at me. I normally get up for a stretch and take the visual 360° view as I do not want exclusively rely on AIS and Radar, while checking the chart plotter screen only. I could do that by glimsing from the cockpit bench out of my cosy sleeping back up to the screen but seamanship requires the 360° check. That’s my humble view. I also check course, speed, windvane, sails, etc. before taking the next sleep cycle. If you do that for for around 10 hours, a lot of sleep gets accumulated. Therefore I feel quite rested today morning. I have not put up the cockpit tent this time as we still have 23°C during the night.
Our next waypoint sits 6 cable length south of Punta Pechiguera, the southwesterly tip of Lanzarote. Less than 20nm to go and from there on it will be another 13nm into Puerto Calero. Arrival shall be after lunch hours.
I look forward to our arrival and a good catch-up with Elke & Ulli from SY Christina.
Fair winds…