Finally we got the right weather window for us to throw the lines and leave Funchal. It was not an easy departure from the emotional point of view as I like the city and the island, the marina team around Sergio and also had to say good-bye to Babs, Rene & Rizzo from SY Momentum of Fal. The four of us have spent some time together over the last two weeks, Besides hiking and biking we had dinner together either on their HR46 or our HR43. Preparing tuna steak as a team in a brandnew riffled pan was great fun. My job was the time keeper, which I practised many times with Susan as well. The food was delicous and we spend many quality hours together.

Three chefs made perfect tuna steaks!

Harbour Master Sergio and his whole team are prefectly organized in this marina next to the town centre. Wether these are Virginia or Heidi in the office or the Marinieros like Bruno, Danilo, Placido, Marko, etc. They are all extremely helpfull, friendly and easy approachable. I will be back, that’s a given!

After some light winds in the morning, which required a bit or motor sailing in the dead zone of Ilhas Desertas, we are now as expected cruising at 145° course over ground (COG) towards the southern tip of Lanzarote.

Winds are around 14kn and shall increase a bit more towards the second part of the passage. I waived my initial plan to go around the nothern tip of the island also due to the fact that refugee boats are still being a reality coming in from that angle towards the island. Wind and waves would probably be an argument towards approaching north but finally a decision had to be taken.
Later tonight I will try to connect on the Marine Radio with Jan from SY Sutje and Rainer from SY Geronimo, both being on passage. I hope we will have the chance to catch up on the latest fish stories!
Fair winds…