Today being the first Sunday of Advent, I wish you all a good start of the Advent season. Another Christmas is coming soon. I wonder how Mindelo will be affected by this and how much decoration will be placed. Really curious to arrive and explore this place.

We have another 200nm to go and I have started to plan the approach into Mindelo. It shall be on Tuesday morning, 29th November 2022. From tomorrow morning onwards we will have to reduce speed, otherwise we would arrive in darkness. Until then we will keep flying south in 25+kn of wind with impressive following seas and more white caps compared to yesterday. The Hydrovane is doing a fantastic job and the lady is dancing on the waves happily. Showing a cold shoulder and sticking out butt now and then she keeps the teak deck dry telling the waves where to stop. I have to admit in confidence that a little splash here and there is bypassing her attention. Nothing dramatic, good play to watch me sitting in the protecitve centre cockpit drinking tea and eating cockies.

Due to the trouble with the Pactor Modem connection at the moment the blogs might not all come through in a timely right sequence. The ones without photo are easier and shall be my focus for the moment but I will try to keep my logblog diary updated.

I look forward to share this fantastic experience with Susan shortly.

Fair winds…