The first flying fish has made it on deck tonight and the lady is not amused at all about this!

Since tonight I am also struggling a bit with the bluetooth connection between the PC and the Pactor Modem, which is essential to received weather updated, get messages onto the blog and exchange small e-mails. The COM port allocation is causing the trouble but essentially by try and error it seems to be fixed for the moment. Not sure when Microsoft is playing the next game.

I have also realized that there is a lot of digital traffic on the Winlink CMS Networks and it is harder and harder to get a slot to receive or transmit messages. Not sure, what this peak has caused but even in the middle of the night the network is busy where in the past it worked fine out of business hours for Europe. I am trying to find additional stations to connect with but the good ones are rare.

Therefore I am reconsidering adding a Sailmail Account, which provides additional services to Sailors customized towards their needs. I have to research this once in Mindelo and act quickly to have a back-up system in place before heading out onto the ocean again towards the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean.

Fair winds…