Approaching Marina de La Gomera, looks so peaceful after 6 hours of emotional turmoil.

It is one of the rare moments, where I consider to delete the Boating from the Biking. They come and go regularly. The six hours from the southern tip of Tenerife up to La Gomera stressed me out and I just finished a 6 hours sleep, which is normally not required after a one-night-sail only. But this time my battery was below minimum charge.

The wind came on the nose as expected but was with 15 to 25kn a bit stronger than forecasted. The sea was choppy but again, nothing dramatic. Besides that, the current going south was also against us. I was just annoyed that we had to go against the wind/current again rather flying south to Cabo Verde. Still the right decision was taken.

6 hours motor sailing brought me on a straight line to the Marina de La Gomera without further tacking. Exact wind and sea state conditions at the entrance were not known to me and the darkness did not give a good feeling either. The question comes up: What the hack am I doing here? I arrived a bit early and had to hang around until sunrise, which was wonderful. Approach turned finally out – as so often – easy and safe.

Washed the lady and cleared up the boat for a week’s marina live.

Tomorrow the world will be fine again and I will start to explore La Gomera besides working on the never ending To-Do-List. 

Another intensive 24 hours added to the adventure!

Fair winds…