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…emotional roller coaster…

As a live aboard you are used to ups and downs as not all is as shiny as it might look like. The last 48 hours have been one of these emotional roller coasters from the very bottom to the very top – resulting in a spinning head, some phone calls with brain storming followed by a good glas of wine or two to get finally some sleep. At these moments you are not clear, if you are doing the right thing. But I am sure, once back on the ocean, it‘s all forgotten and forgiven until…

This time the simple challenge was around gelcoat colour matching, which was one of the reasons why I selected Puerto Calero and its team.

After two days mixing and testing the colour matching was still far off and could go on and on forever ending potentially in a hull face with poorly applied make-up. The lady deserves better.

On the upside, I believe we got over the crucial point now but final polishing results will only reveal a bit later.

Allow me to say that we are not just fixing a boat but one of the best maintained Hallberg-Rassy 43 floating around.

Wish us luck and sucess, if you find the time.

Fair winds…


📚…library exchange…📚


…we are moving…

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  1. Edith & Horst

    Wir wünschen Glück und Erfolg , das es gelingt, den richtigen Farbton zu finden!!

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