Egersund was a good first stop on our way North after the passage from Sweden. The Lady got desalted and is back in shiny conditions. I also took a glance at the city not missing a short afternoon nap. The small town is charming depsite Egersund being one of the largest fishing ports in Norway.

I was hungry for a night at anchor as the last one was at Anholt/DK. Based on some hints from the TO Community I ended up in Rausvågen, a tiny little pinhole bay on the island of Eigerøya. Same time we bring ourselves into the pool position for tomorrow’s passage further North. There are some southerly winds coming, which shall not be missed.

It is only us here and perhaps some locals in the houses. Let’s see when it becomes dark. Crying birds, that is a given. I believe this kind of scenery will become the new normal for our stay in Norway, just waiting for the moose.

Fair winds…