10pm local time. We are running 7+kn for a while now under Hydrovane. Genoa fully deployed and main sail in 3rd reef. Good wind and pleasant waves now.
Susan is sleeping, I am on watch as usual until midnight. After dinner, we run a stringent routine for the night watches, during the day it is pretty flexible. Last night was different. We were both up quite a few times to keep the lady going in chaotic waves and a struggling Hydrovane to cope with it for the given course and wind direction. This night seems to be back to normal.
After Christmas the wind will increase, so will the sea. We are evaluating what the best strategy will be and different options are under discussion. As it looks at the moment, we will keep going on the rhump line towards our waypoint and deal with it as and when it comes up. It is more mental preparation than anything else as we do not like to deal with surprises, if not necessary. A bit more wind and a bit more wave will not impress the lady much, that’s for sure.
The days are passing by quickly. Our fresh food is coming to an end over the next few days and that might be a logical sign for our arrival coming closer.
Fair winds…