DHL delivered a 26kg parcel in 4 days with continuous tracking from Germany to Spain, very reliable and fast even though it was standard shipment and not express. Spare parts and Rösti  were the main items I was waiting for. Great support from Edith & Horst to get this on its way…thank you, more to come! 😉

A Coruña is becoming a very good and long stay and with Susan flying back home on Saturday, I am now looking for a weather window from next Sunday onwards to pass the historical Cape Finisterre in fair winds. Waves before wind I was taught by Inge   from SY malwieder and looking at the waves only, the period of the wave is decisive. 2m waves with 8s period is not an issue – Atlantic breathing. Both, SY malwieder and SY Colette, have moved on yesterday and are already close to the Cape.

Leave a reply, if I have missed anything. 🤔

Interesting dynamics here at Cape Finisterre. Tuesday might be a good weather window...🤞