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👍…Susan’s arrival…😘

Checking in 40kg of luggage Susan made it to São Vicente’s Cesária Évora Airport in time but tired and without the luggage, which still sits in Lisbon. I believe, it is more a physical arrival and the mental will take a bit more time. For the luggage, we need a speedy delivery now to stick to our plans. Cross fingers!

We have a few more items on the To-Do-List before heading off. The trade winds are back in time and further stabilising over the last few days after a period of disturbances through some strong low pressure systems in the northern Atlantic moving to lower latitudes than ususal.

My final 🚴‍♂️ ride for the year 2022 was to welcome Susan at the airport and make sure the arrangements for the taxi back to the marina are in place. 2023 will be interesting in terms of biking!

I look forward to some quality time together and a pleasant unforgettable passage towards the Caribbean Sea. 

Fair winds…

Cabo Verde – No Stress

Our days in Cabo Verde are slowly coming to an end. With the arrival of Susan the focus will go even more towards throwing the lines and moving on – crossing the Atlantic.

Although I only got a very limited impression on these Atlantic Islands, it has become very clear, that they are not only different again but also inviting to stay longer.

Well, we intend to maximise the time spend in the Caribbean and perhaps get another chance to return back here one day.

While working on the boat over the last couple of days, I have to admit, that the Cape Verdeans’ slogan “No Stress” has become part of my routine in no time. Luckily I had only small jobs on the To-Do-List and this left time for siesta and hanging around absorbing the spirit and culture of this nation.

There was time to hang out in some of the local bars with live music together with fellow sailors. Live music is very popular here. Eight out of ten bars have live music every night and the locals seem to enjoy this scene even more than the tourists.

SY Sutje & SY Zuri

Fishing and tourism are the main contributors to the GDP across the archipelago and it becomes visible next to the fish market. The market hall itself seems to be too small so that the fish is cut anywhere near to it.

Overall, Mindelo is a buzzing town with good infrastructure, reasonable supplies and services, honest and hardworking people with their heart closer to Europe (mainly Portugal)  than to Africa, and last but not least, respectful, reserved and friendly. My very subjective view and please be aware that this is for Mindelo and not Cabo Verde in general.

Fair winds…

…Moonrise over Mindelo…

Mindelo offers not only spectacular sunsets but also nice moonrises emerging from Mount Verde overlooking the city. 👍

Mindelo – Evening Ride 🚴‍♂️

After a long Siesta it got me back into the saddle for a short evening ride. On my list was a luxury property development in a valley close to Mindelo. Before getting there, I was stopped by a security guard at the barrier towards a private property. I believe the development failed or at least it looked all a bit dreary and abondened.

On the way back I passed by the City Beach.

Fair winds & good night.

Another sunset in Mindelo

🚴‍♂️ Bikepacking – Santo Antão

Back home after 85km hardcore 🚴‍♂️ in pure nature!

🚴‍♂️ Bikepacking – Santo Antão

Coastal route back today to Porto Novo was not less impressive. Waiting for the ferry now to get back to Mindelo.

After a decent breakfast I left Ponta do Sol early to head back towards Porto Novo. Today’s the ride was less challenging and I had plenty of time to absorb the scenery on this coastal route, which is not less impressive compared to the old mountainous road beaten yesterday.

Komoot was pretty correct this time and I enjoyed a stretch of around 20km with finest tarmac before the last 3km on the approach into the harbour village turned into nasty cobbles again. Found a nice restaurant in Porto Novo and celebrated my arrival.

I was glad that the trade winds have taken a breather during my trip as I would have faced headwinds at 15-25kn otherwise with braking waves providing drizzling salty rain at some spots along the road.

The scenery is changing once you have turned south at Farol de Fontes as you can see on the photos provided under the link below.

🚴‍♂️ Bikepacking – Santo Antão

Fisherman’s Friend next to my room!

🚴‍♂️ Bikepacking – Santo Antão

Arrived in Ponta do Sol for the night. Fantastic but tough ride today with great reward.

I decided to take the mountainous route on day 1 of this bike packing trip to bring the hardest bit behind me. Based on Komoot’s planning, I was expecting an uphill on asphalt but despite that it was all day cobbles, hardest cobbles. I had to walk the bike for quite some kilometres and got an offer from a local to jump onto his car, which I declined. The following downhill was a different challenge. Despite being constantly on the brakes to go slow, I had one snakebite to fix on the final stretch at 200m above sea level. By that time I also felt muscles in my body I never knew about. Finally I got down into Ribeira Grande with another comfortable but cobbled 6km to Ponta do Sol, my cosy nest for the night. What a ride!

The reward for the pain was mother nature presenting herself in a way I have never seen in this density apart from the fact that the physical & mental training contributes to some euphoria and well-being.

Mindelo City Beach

Mindelo has got its own beach and it looks very clean and natural so that you wonder what was there before, the city or the beach. It’s called Praia De Laginha and just 1.3km north of the marina. Not too crowded today on a Saturday early afternoon. Hopefully I will find the time next week for a swim.

Just now another fellow sailor is leaving, bound for Caribbean. You you recognise that, when the horns are blown across the marina from some friends still left behind. This marina has got a very special spirit, which I have never experienced before. If there will be a “next time”, I will plan four weeks for Mindelo, at least!

Fair winds…

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