We are almost 24 hours on the passage and there is absolutely no disappointment. A bit more wind than projected, slightly higher waves than promised but the directions have been okay. Therefore we are making good progress, sailing in Safety, Comfort and Style. My body had to accustomize a bit and I took it very slowly, therefore this update a bit late… It is also amazing, as soon as you disconnect from GSM network everything calmes down.
The windpilot is working since we left the shallow waters of Lanzarote. He is doing his job without complains, neither requesting food or anything else, The lady and the pilot are already great friends and silently agreeing on the smoothest way to get us through the seas – sometimes a bit rought and choppy.
The SailinGen producing some of our electricity worked initially and then went on strike. I take the blame for that. The bolts and nuts are not tighthen enough as they also function as a potential collision release. If you fasten bolts and nuts too much, the collision protection will not work, if you make it too loose, the water flow hitting the prop will turn it up although it has to be perpendicular to the water. Finding the right setting for the bolts and nuts is now my challenge. I will work on that as it will be a great source of energy.
I have never seen such a big swarm of dolphins. Normally is a dozen or two but yesteray there were suddently dolphins everywhere on a 360 degree lookout. They were playing and jumping, perhaps three minutes, and off they go. A very short performance but they know it is impressive!
One advantage of a solo sailor I came across yesterday. The navigation light at the pullpit has been pushed out from its holder from a nasty wave. The fixation is a bit poor designed and we had this before. Now the light was flipping around just fixed by the cable and swinging and banging against the pullpit now and then. I had to take action, otherwise it would have been a complete loss. The minimum dresscode in such a situation for a solo sailor is the safety harness as you get completely wet anyway based on the state of the seas at that time. Hooked into the safety line, I crawled to the bow, got it fixed and made my way back, where a sweet water shower was waiting to get the salt washed off. Fresh and relaxed I had a hard boiled egg, which I prepared for departure. It is a good snack on the way!
Spoke to Intermar e.V. and Jan from SY Sutje yesterday evening as well on the ham radio. Short talks as I was still in a mood to take it easy.
I feel very good this morning and will now enjoy breakfast to start another sugar day.
Fair winds…
My main view during this passage...although very often with closed eyes.