After I finished my minor boat work tasks in the morning I discovered the nearby famous Cabrits National Park, which conveniently lies just next to the anchorage in walking distance.

Besides the historical aspects of this park it gave some good shade against the sun but also spectacular views, which you can enjoy under the Komoot link below.

One aspect bothered me the whole track. It felt a bit like hiking in autumn through our forests at home. Foliage on 80% of the track crunching under my hiking boots. Still feels familiar but irritating the same time as we are in the tropics! 

Impressive trees along the hiking trails...

Overall a very peaceful National Park after all the years Fort Shirley dominated this peninsula and still forms an integral part of the scene.

Tomorrow, at 6am Daniel from the PAYS Association will pick me up for another adventure. Better get to sleep now.

Fair winds…