Time is getting deluted on these passages and after some 48 hours I do not even know how many days/nights we are out on the ocean. Funny, but what does it matter?!? The routine takes over quickly including some hours with headache and getting used to the boat’s movements again. Once the cooking picks up independent from the sea state, you are there! Body and mind have fully integrated into the chosen environment and have become part of the moving system. You don’t consider the three dimensions of physical movement as something unnormal anymore. You are part of it. The up and down, forward and backward or left and right shifts – in general it is a combination – has just become the new normal and you live with it and in it.

Our routing strategy so far worked fine but we also learned, that weather charts in this part of the world have a meteorological half-life period of 12 hours. The dynamics of the low pressure systems being produced off the American costline is incredible. Their movements are fast, much faster than our lady, which makes it mandatory to check regularly. These systems also decide arbitrarily where to go next, NE, E or SE, the latter one being our biggest threat. If they move too far SE, we are in trouble.

Glad we have our weather team from Intermar e.V. around the two Uwes, callsign DD1HUR & DF5AM sitting in Germany and Lanzarote and Sutje Jan, callsign DFPX2, keeping an eye on the situation currently anchored in Tabago Cays/Antilles. It feels good big brothers watching and advising you to ensure we are not getting into a fight with one of the depressions.

Besides the weather subject we became part of a regatta, the Champagne Challenge, which was not planned but announced by Cornelia from SY Hexe. A complex subject, which will be addressed in a separate logblog entry shortly.

Today’s full moon night is fantastic and I am gratefull that the gusts expected for tonight have not turned up yet giving the moon precedence and us another great scenery at sea, Nevertheless, I am sure the depression is laying its cards and will entertain us sooner or later with some positive natural spectacle. We are prepared.

Fair winds…