There was no second thought that I have to explore the purposely built longest pedestrian & biking tunnel in the world. The Fyllingsdalstunnelen, 3km long, opened in April 2023. It follows the standard three lanes concept (one for pedestrians and two for bikes) for cycling tracks in Bergen, wherever feasible and dollars don‘t matter!

Leaving the tunnel I was chilled and a bit puzzled but ready for the climb, which turned out to be packed with natural nutritions all the way long. Slope and tarmac was demanding but managable with stretches where not only the rider but also the Roubaix got to their limits.

It was worth the pain.

After the descend down to sea level, the ferry took me back over to Askøy Island for the short ride back to our tiny floating home. A ride to remember!

Fantastic nature so close to the city.

Fair winds…