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Bay of Biscay…3rd update

Wind and swell has slightly increased to 17kts and 1.5m. We are still sailing close to the wind at 200° with a reef in both – main sail and foresail – to accomodate speed of the different boats and ensure staying together within 1 nautical mile distance from each other. Just downloaded the latest weather forecast from Saildoc and the Grib file shows perfect conditions for our landfall. We have around 55 nautical miles to go and the forecast predicts wind shifting from 260° towards North at 285° and speed going down slightly. Upon arrival we shall have 7kts wind and less than 1m swell – good conditions to arrive. Knowing these changing conditions on a longer leg is quite comforting as we are not running into the unexpected.
I just took watch back from Susan after enjoying a couple of hours sleep in the cockpit and have to say that these two hours make a big difference compared to no sleep at all during the single-handed-one-night-trips done along the North Sea and English Channel so far.
Dawn will start in about 1 hour and we look forward to a loud cheering *Land, ho!* once the coastline of Galicia will appear at the horizon at our bow….
Fair winds…

SY malwieder with first signs of sunrise early morning.


Bay of Biscay….2nd update


Bay of Biscay…4th update


  1. Edith & Horst

    Hallo Bernd und Susanne, die drei Updates sind bei uns angekommen. Interessant!

    • Ahoi Edith & Horst, danke für die Rückmeldung. Die Technik hat funktioniert und das Kurzwellenfunkgerät wird zu einem sehr wichtigen und zuverlässigen Kommunikationsgerät draußen auf See. E-Mail, Wetter, Funkrunden, ärztliche Beratung falls notwendig und nebenbei die Möglichkeit einen Notruf an eine Rettungsstation abzusetzen. Natürlich geht das auch alles über Satellite aber zu Kosten die schnell außer Kontrolle geraten können. Fair winds…

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