We have done 100 nautical miles now since left, or in other words in 16.5 hours. This gives an average speed of 6kts, which is not bad but also due to favorable tide streams. 3 hours under engine, another 3 hours under engine together with sails up and balance 10.5 hours under sails only. Our position is 47 degree 03 minutes North and 005 degree 53 minutes West. Water depth is around 2500m and we are crossing the Audierne Canyon shortly, which brings us into even deeper water around 4500 plus meters. The fascinating BLUE WATER is expected upon sunrise!
The night is again pitch-black but pleasant. The moon has just come out but is not very strong. Wind around 10kts keeping the 6kts speed in the boat in a swell of around 1m on a course about half to the wind. I have just downloaded the latest weather GRIB files with Winlink and they forecast similar conditions over the next couple of days. Two times per day I get updated GRIB weather files to check any changes on short notice.
While SY malwieder is sailing with a qauter of a nautical mile distance sailing alongside next to us, SY Charisma is a bit further away in parallel, about 10 nautical miles off but still within in reach of VHF radio for regular calls. Three more fellow sailors are crossing a bit behind us: SY Dawn, SY Rare Breed and SY Moana – all members of Trans-Ocean e.V.. While Susan is sleeping, I am typing these lines to get them online. Shortly I will have another VHF call with Ralf from SY malwieder to synchronize our approach on the upcoming hours and days until landfall in Spain.
Will keep you posted.
Fair winds…