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A Coruña…🚴‍♂️…hot spots 👌


A Coruña…🚴‍♂️…West coast


🙋‍♂️…see you again…


  1. Chris

    Bernd, can you get the Komoot units to metric? For a converted Expat from the island like me, would help compare scores for our age profile!!

    • Ahoy Chris, thanks for your input. I have no clue why Komoot is playing this game. All my tracking is in metric but for some reason, at the time I embed the tour, it shows up in imperial. Had an initial look 🧐 at it but could not figure it out. It also appears, that once you open the link to look at the tour…at some point it is switching back to metric…🤔! In any case is the score still by far too low for my age but I am working on this and just ordered 2 more sets of new tyres. Taking less photos will also increase the score…a bit! 👍

  2. Chris

    My Garmin pauses when I stop, keeps the average higher!

    • Komoot does as well Chris but slowing down, taking photo and getting into the pedal again will not help the average either. I suspect it only kicks in at zero movement. At that time I am focused on the moment and the scenery around, less on my scores…

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