Together with René, skipper of SY Momentum of Fal, we went out for another evening 🚴‍♂️ ride. The Dunas de Maspalomas were on my list besides some food shopping at Mercadona on the way back.

The copy right of the above photos goes to Oliver H., my close sailing mate at that point in time, while both of us serving the German Navy. He also inspired me for photography to be an art.

We have been to these dunes together in 1988 and I got vague memories on them but one aspect is very clear. The number of buildings and developments over the past 34 years has changed the scene. So have the people. Glad there is still something left of the dunes itself and its more than a stretch of a three meters wide beach. Construction industry sometimes does not stop. Maspalomas is pretty awful nowadays, if you ask me. A beautiful natural spot turned into an artificial touristic showdown.