Biking at its finest! You get time to reflect at your own beach...👌...most picturesque 🌴 on Dominica.

Smiley arrived sharp on time but without any smile. He does not seem to be an early bird. 10 minutes later I was in the saddle heading towards the east coast of Dominica.

The island was slowly waking up with the sun still behind the mountains. First traffic, about 25 cars on the 20km ride to put it in perspective. Considered nothing and all approaching safely. Good tarmac.

Red Rocks and Batibou Beach were my target destinations besides passing through the village of Calibishie. Some nice encounters with locals, all very open, curious and friendly. Huge interest in the bike!

After almost five hours I was back at the dinghy dock. Smiley was already waiting for me but I could not rush on this ride and loose maximum effect on today’s biking retreat. I need to find another tour on this island.

Fair winds…

Red Rocks
Batibou Beach