My probably 🚴‍♂️ final ride on this fantastic island took me again to Hamilton today. There were three items on the list, from Bike Shop via outstanding fridge bill-payment to Bermuda shorts. No way I could leave Bermuda without getting the #1 garment known all over the world.

After a short video consultation with Susan, I bought two Bermuda shorts and proudly but slightly irritated left T△BS with another hole burned into my wallet. These shorts need to last for the rest of my life!

Back in the saddle for the return to St. George, I enjoyed more miles on the road going through some posh areas with impressive properties always close to the sea.

Although there are limited miles to clock on the bike here in Bermuda, the owner of the bike-shop put it right: In Bermuda, we can bike 12 month in pleasant climate!

Fair winds…