Today was an interesting ride. The island took us through two totally different landscapes and road conditions:

#1: First, sandy beaches hitting the steep volcano mountains on the coastal stretch between Salamansa to Calhau and once having taken the turn at the junction in Calhau, the lush green valley embedded gently among the surrounding hills taking us back to Mindelo from Calhau as the second part.

#2: Perfect tarmac on the first part and cobbles all the way from Calhau back into Mindelo. While planning this ride, Komoot indicated cobbles for less than 1km on the total ride but we ended up with more the 14km of cobbles. This kind of bug is definitely rare in the Komoot application.

Having said that, the Roubaix bike enjoyed the fact that its skin tubes set around 6-7 bar finally got some contact with real cobbles, while the rider remains sitting comfortably in the saddle testing the Future Shock suspension on the handle bar and the S-Works seat post specifically designed for unpaved roads. Not only the bike impressed me again but also the Cape Verdeans, who have laid these cobbles to perfection. Perhaps Komoot had that in mind as well!😂

The link below will provide more details and photos.

Fair winds…