It all started very well this morning, some gravel coming up after a while is normal on my trips as I prefer to go away from the main traffic roads ​really into the countryside. The gravel was getting rougher and rougher but also here, pushing or carrying the bike a few meters is something I don‘t mind as long as it stays within limits. A tyre breakthrough is new to me. I am prepared and equipped for punctures to be fixed on the spot but a Kevlar structure to tear apart gives me some food for thought. I was not geared up for that and in the middle of nowhere.

No option than to push/carry the bike ​about 1.5km back to civilization. I was about half distance between Portosin and Santiago de Compostela but going back was not an option, so I figured out how to keep moving towards my weekend destination.

Waiting at a busstop for two hours in this heat was not very attractive although two passing mates on bikes offered me water and power-bars, very nice! I managed to stop a courier truck driver to give me and my bike a lift and spontaneously he said: sure, no problem…whatever that means in spanish terms. We delivered two more parcels together and then he dropped my at the hotel in Santiago de Compostela.

In the meantime I have walked through the town, purchased two new tyres and the bike is ready to rock n’ roll again.😄

Komoot promise and reality were quite different today.