We took the bus today and with a change over at the Hamilton Bus Station we arrived 90min later in Dockyard – the former Britisch Royal Naval Base and today Bermuda’s Cruise Ship Center.

It was a pleasant bus ride and a short visit to this cruise ship arrival point. Despite the fact that there is still a yard doing serious boat work, the nature of the place is very much to entertain the cruise ship passengers during their short stay, which makes the whole place despite its history artificial, shaking head amusing and at least astonishing. In short: not much reason to stay longer. Our expectations were low in the first place and therefore the disappointment very limited.

☝️Tower clock going by the tide...!

After a short while we took the ferry back into Hamilton and strolled around a little bit with the clear intention to return again shortly to explore more of this charming city with its beautiful buildings and parks.

The trip gave another good general impression on Bermuda and its overall magnitude in size and character.

Fair winds…