Finca Machinda is in the village of Tao and run by some very friendly young chaps, who grow fruits and vegetables. Their range is impressive and the goods are being sold straight to the end customer. I believe farming has a great potential on this island despite the fact that soil and climate are challenging but there are many areas where cultivation is happening and goods are being offered on local markets or directly at farmers’ houses.

It was an initial fight against the headwinds today, 20kn plus gusting, almost blowing you off the bike but I had to get this done. There was a cracking noise on the crankshaft, which needed some attention. I suspected the pedal’s bearing but that was wishful thinking. A fracture in the right crankshaft was detected by the professionals in the Shimano Service Center in San Bartholomé. I was surprised and fortunate. They had everything in stock and fixed it on the spot – amazing service! Great ride.