Wow, yesterday it was raining on Lanzarote, the start of the rain season. I personally had the last rain on 18th September, early morning hours, during the final approach towards Funchal/Madeira, when Susan and myself got hit by a nasty shower. Here on Lazarote it has not rained since February this year, which basically concluded the previous rain season. It goes from October to March with 16 rainy days and about 125mm rainfall on average – not much. Temperatures are still up with lowest at about 16°C during the night and highest at about 28°C during sunny days. Water temperature sits at around 21°C. From April to October the predominant wind direction in Lanzarote is given by the trade wind from Northeast but at this time of the year the wind can blow from any direction. We had very moderate winds since our arrival but some stronger winds are now expected over the coming weekend. Overall the climate here is very pleasant and enjoyable.

Based on our current sailing plans, we will have another 6 days at sea until May 2022, not much but enough for a full time live-aboard. 😅

Fair winds…

The water is razor sharp again after some rain over the last 36 hours. The boats appear solidified in the very clear water like the transformed magma to lava everywhere visible on this fantastic island.