Today, exactly two month ago, we did throw the lines in Kappeln/Schlei. You can read about it here. A lot has happened since then and we have moved substantially on our journey.

Getting to A Coruña was the hardest bit but probably more for me mentally than from a boat and skipper’s perspective. It was less the point to finally throw the lines in Kappeln – that mindset was irrevocably set for a while at that point in time – but getting out into the new space on my own – North Sea, English Channel, Tides, etc. kept my mind spinning. Luckily we teamed up with SY Collete and SY malwieder from Cuxhaven onwards to manage this stretch together.

Passing Cape Finisterre has become a game changer. Winds are more predictable and in this part of Galicia there are nice Rías with plenty of good marinas and safe anchor spots. This will change again South of Vigo.

Overall, I enjoyed the last two month. It has been very intense so far in many aspects, therefore left plenty of moments in memories within a constantly changing nature. Biking shall move a bit more into my focus with the target to cycle as many miles as we clock on the boats’ log.

Susan is going to join again shortly and we plan another fantastic time together onboard following the directions of the wind.

Fair winds…

Greetings from Santiago de Compostela/Galicia/Spain 🇪🇸