My 🚴‍♂️ trip today took me to a small village in the backlands of Lanzarote. There was a good reason as I got the opportunity to visit Uwe, one of the Netcontrols from Intermar e.V. living here on Lanzarote for many years. Although I had numerous contacts with Uwe during the twice a day operated ham radio sessions on 14.313kHz and we met for a coffee & cake onboard SY Hulluporo before, it was nice to see from where he is remotely operating the Intermar Radio Station, which is located in the South of Germany.

Besides the technical support, I appreciate the socialising network of the Intermar association among sailors and non-sailors not to forget the very important advice on recent weather developments while on passage. It also gives additional comfort to provide your actual boat position to the Netcontrols while on passage – someone to speak and listen to while out on the ocean.

Today, I learned a lot about the insides into Lanzarote from someone living and loving this island for more than two decades. Thank you Uwe!

Vy 73 & Fair winds…