We are rolling through the night. The waves are a bit confusing and we have reduced speed a bit more to ensure arrival around sunrise. The wind is still stable with 10 to 13kts and the latest weather forecast indicates some potential for fog, yes indeed fog. Did not know that can happen in this area at this time of the year. We have done 60nm now, another odd 40nm to go.
It is a faily bright night with half moon out giving the direction. The moon shall set around 3am, which will turn the night into pure black darkness but giving the stars a great chance to get on stage. With 3/8 of scattered clouds only, the stars will defintely take over a bit later to set the scene.
Not much traffic out here. I have seen 2 ships but it might become a bit more as we get closer to the Traffic Separation Scheme between Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. I have been told, that its nothing against North Sea or English Channel but we will be on the watch.
I have put up the cockpit tent as the nights got a bit more chilly recently. Today morning it was only 14°C rising quickly as soon as the sun comes out. Nevertheless I need the sleeping back covering my legs making it comfortable.
Las Palmas is not only the biggest city but also has the biggest port in the Canary Islands. Unfortunately they do not accept any kind reservations. You need to call them on VHF upon arrival and hope to get a berth. Let’s see how it goes.
With the exception of the sligthly chaotic waves it is a very pleasant overnight passage up to now.
Fair winds…