We have run under bare poles for a while now and still too much speed to ensure arrival in daylight hours. Wind is also still around 20kn gusting 25kn, which has not been predicted. It should slowly decrease a bit over night. However, in order to gain the 1-2 hours needed to ensure arrival not before sunrise we are now going a bit zigzag for a couple of hours.

It seems to work although the waves are coming a bit more from aside rather the stern but the Hydrovane keeps the boat almost in heave to conditions without sails up and at 110 TWA as a compromise with less than 1kn boat speed.

I will probably have to stay up tonight to get this done, which is not a problem as I am pretty rested and had an energizing dinner just a few hours before. The wind is now warmer and it is more pleasant to stay in the cockpit during the night compared to the recent nights when we left La Gomera.

Fair winds…