We have now shifted the foresail and left a size of a tissue out there to reduce speed. Wind and waves are still pushing south and I am trying to arrange a speed over ground (SOG) of 3.5 to 4.0 knots only to arrive at the waypoint set in the middle of São Vicente and Santo Antão with a safety distance of 2-3nm at around 8am tomorrow morning.

The spinnaker pole is still up on starboard side and will be taken down once the waves have scaled down. This might only be the case tomorrow morning upon our arrival at the set waypoint.

Got half of a bucket flying fish on deck this morning. All size from 4cm to 24cm. They got this terrible scales and lose some of them on the hard landing which are then spread around on the deck. On top of that they leave some mucus at the place of landing, which is all over boat rather than focusing on one common landing place. No wonder, they look a bit stupid, when I throw them overboard again, although they are already dead. Big relief for the lady once the deck is washed with some good salty blue seawater and the teak starts to look shiny again after the sun has dried it up.

It shall be another sugar sailing day at sea after the routine work has been done!

Fair winds…