As I mentioned earlier, sailors plans written into the sand are valid until the next high water. I have just downloaded the latest and final weather data for this passage and the expected drop in wind comes slighly earlier according to Mr. Menno Schrader from Wetterwelt. After running the weather routing simulation, my ETA in Puerto Calero is 15:40 in the afternoon and I don`t mind a bit earlier. In order not to end up motoring too many hours to my final destination, I have taken the reef out of the foresail to make more progress. Perhaps some motorsail will be required on the final miles. Weather routing based on good wind data is a fantastic tool to ensure cruising in Safety, Comfort and Style although on the first day we had 5kts more actual wind as predicted, which might still be within the tolerance as the direction was given highly accurate. I look forward to my arrival on Lanzarote/Spain.

Fair winds…


Finally I had to run the engine for the last 15 nautical miles. and arrived 15:43 in the afternoon.