After 4 hours boat work in the morning to get the lady cute and clean again we made our first trip on the island.

As we did run out of cooking gas on the last evening before our arrival in Bermuda, it became a priority to get our two butane/propane bottles refilled.

I know where to go and after a 2.5km walk we arrived at the RUBiS Energy Bermuda Ltd. Gas Station. The Safety Officer at the gate took care of us and after his wrinkles on the forehead slowly disappeared, it became a super nice experience. To cut a long story short, Robbie, the chief of the plant took us back to the anchorage in his car with two full bottles of propane. A lot of chatting on the way back, I think we will meet Robbie again as he offered to become our tourist guide to show us the off-the-tourist-track secrets of Bermuda. Let’s see.

In any case we got hints on the top beaches and snorkel spots. As you can see below, there is also no doubt, that Bermuda is a biking island!

Fair winds…