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Month: February 2021

Biking season started…

Dear all,
mid February is early to start the biking season but the weather in the Black Forest was just too good to ignore. 250km cruising in perfect conditions with very limited traffic made my day.
Fair winds…

Remote control…

Profile shows the difference between above waterline and below waterline...if the temperature drops below 5℃, it turns red and an SMS alarm will be sent, central heating can be switched on/off by SMS to ensure temperature above freezing.

DWD is brilliant…👍

Dear all,

DWD is the governmental weather institute in Germany and they have provided an excellent, accurate, state of the art weather forecast in a very timely manner and modern fashion over this crazy weather situation we have faced the last couple of weeks – simply brilliant.

From early warnings to entertaining updates fed in by the public crowd they informed in a very professional way.

With temperatures of – 13℃ and a breakdown in my diesel heating system a few days before the extreme minus temperatures it was exciting and shows how fragile you are against nature.

Fair winds…

Last cold night at -13 ℃

Early morning view after a cold but cozy night !

Freezing sunshine ☀️

☝️Snowband moving North


🤔 Early warning from 🇬🇱


Crazy weather…