Trip 2005: Bornholm/DK return

Let me start with the bad news - our season was very short this year, BUT, the good news is, that we made a wonderful trip to Bornholm/DK. Now, let me tell you first things first. This was our third summer with Hullu Poro and we do become more and more familiar with the boat. After Easter we spent a weekend in Augustenborg, but due to the fact that Easter was very late in the year it was already early May. We did only 27sm within the Fjords of Augustenborg and Als. As you can see from the pictures, the weather was more like April; we had one scattered shower squall after the other. But we enjoyed it anyway as we were back on the sea.

We had to take our “summer vacation” early, which was originally not planned but influenced by job assignments/opportunities (?) later the year. So, we decided to do some real sailing and set off to Bornholm/DK early in the morning at the end of May. After passing the lifting bridge in Sonderborg/DK we had either headwinds or no winds. However, we stayed two nights at sea, first night we passed the Fehmarn Belt with heavy traffic and the second night we had a nice cruise between Kap Arcona/G and Bornholm/DK. After 49 hours and 224sm we arrived highly pleased but slightly tired in the harbour of RØnne/DK. We were expected by Susan’s parents with a comprehensive breakfast and a glass of Champagne.

We spent about a week on the island and travelled around to enjoy a very nice spot of Denmark. The landscape is impressive, especially the difference between the east and the south compared to the north and the west. The east and south coastline are embraced by sandy beaches while the northern and western part are much more rough with cliffs and rocks. We did not dare to sail around Bornholm to visit the Island of ChristiansØ, we had to leave this for our next visit.

We also managed during our stay in RØnne/DK to install the tuner for the backstay antenna. The system works fine and we managed to run a few radio contacts (QSO) on various frequency bands, mainly in Europe. This is definitely something to further explore. Next step will be the Pactor III in order to have easy e-mail connection worldwide.


Unfortunately we had to leave this beautiful island to early. The wind was not very supportive, but what can you expect at this time of the year with a likelihood of 99%: yes, westerly winds and this was the direction we had to go back. Anyway, we left RØnne/DK heading towards Trelleborg at the southern cost of Sweden. Wind was promised to shift from SW to NW during the day but unfortunately this never happened. Originally we intended to stay somewhere in south Sweden but then we decided to sail through the night and arrived next day in Hesnæs/DK. The GrØnsund gave us and the boat a very hard time. Strong winds from west with huge waves out of three directions. We had no choice as to run under the engine towards the shore to get some land protection. It was not very pleasant (we suffered, because the boat suffered) but finally we arrived in the very cute fishing port of Hesnæs/DK. This experience definitely increased our respect for the elements.

The rest of the trip was day sailing. Proceeding through the GrØnsund towards Karrebæksminde/DK we passed the little island of OmØ/DK and stayed two nights in Lundeborg/DK. This is a very nice Marina, well organised and a lovely spot with sandy beaches next to the harbour. On the way home/westward we made another stop in Svendborg/DK and ÆrØskØbing/DK, two places with totally different character. While Svendborg/DK is a busy Danish city with all imaginable comfort, ÆrØskØbing/DK seems to be only alive two month a year - we were too early - backery only open on Tuesday!!!

From ÆrØskØbing/DK we went to one of our favourite places, the Helnæs Bugt/DK. We anchored 2 nights north of the island Illum/DK and took a final deep breath before our vacation/sailing season came to an end.


We finished the season at the 22.07.2005 with a total mileage of 572sm on the log. The boot went out of the water back into the shelter for long-term storage. The job assignment/opportunity (?) will also last during next year and therefore we will only be able to sail four weeks during summer. Look at the pictures, preservation has been done properly! In the meantime we are looking forward getting back onto the sea.


Best regards,
Your HP Crew
Susan & Bernd