Trip 2004: Round Fynen/DK & Skagen/DK return

We started the season at Easter. It was still cold but very sunny and we had most of the time very good winds. The first day-trips took us out to the Fjords of Augustenborg and Als.
During the early summer season we made various minor trips with the boat and had changing conditions. We gained more and more experience and confidence in calm conditions but also rough weather with winds up to 26m/s and very heavy shower squalls. In general we had a lot of strong winds during this time of the year.

In the middle of July we started to our summer vacation trip around Fyn. This is a very popular circle and counting boats does never come to an end – there are too many. The ports of SamsØ and on the Island of Fyn were very crowded and sometimes you had to wonder if there was still water in the harbour. Wherever possible we anchored close to the shore in shallow waters. The good winds we have had earlier the year had disappeared which resulted in short distances during long sailing days. Overall we only sailed 212sm within two weeks but is was a very relaxing trip within the Danish South Sea.

We were in the lucky situation to take another two weeks vacation starting middle of August. We wanted to go on a proper cruise and our target was the north tip of Jylland called Skagen. The wind recovered and we had strong back winds from southwest, which was just the right direction to accumulate miles towards the north. With winds of 10-16m/s, in blasts 22m/s, we sailed the distance of 88sm from Augustenborg to SamsØ in one day whereas it took us four days during our first vacation mentioned above. With an overnight stop in Grenå and Sæby we arrived in Skagen after three and a half days with 205sm on the log.

Good weather, nice atmosphere in the harbour and an impressive landscape gave us the feeling that we have taken the right decision. After a few days in Skagen we had to start the way back – each holiday has an end. The wind was still very strong and still coming from west/southwest direction, which was not beneficial for us. Anyway, crew and boat did a great jobat 14-16m/s, in bows 18m/s and arrived in Grenå after one overnight stay in Hals. The wind turned east, still very strong, which caused us one extra day in Grenå, because we did not dare to leave the harbour under such conditions. In order to arrive in Augustenborg in time we decided to make an overnight cruise and arrived at sunset at the entrance of the Lille Belt. While passing the belt at Frederica, intensive traffic and thousands of lights around us did require our full concentration and energy although radar, chart plotter and the self-steering unit supported us very well. At dawn we had passed the last navigational lights and were more than happy about the completion of our first overnight trip – but also very tired. After more than 32 hours and 163sm we arrived in Augustenborg. The total miles sailed on this trip were 462 sm.

We finished the season 2004 at the 8th of October with a total mileage of 1193sm on the log.

Best regards,
Your HP Crew
Susan & Bernd