Trip 2003: Ellös/SE to Augustenborg/DK

We had to wait 18 month until we got our brand-new Hallberg-Rassy 34 handed over at 03.07.2003 at the shipyard in Ellös/Sweden, which is 80km north of Gothenburg. The name of the boat is “Hullu Poro” which is Finnish and means “Crazy Reindeer”. We found this name reflecting our decision to buy a HR 34 in an appropriate way. Hallberg-Rassy is well known for good sailing performance and comfortable long distance cruising boats across the oceans. The whole idea is a little bit crazy because we never sailed such a big boat, we live 1000km from the Baltic Sea and do have only little time to sail.

With the help of Edith and Horst we managed to get our entire luggage to Ellös and after a short trail run within the archipelago we set off towards the southern part of the Baltic Sea. At the beginning we stayed within the inner part of the archipelago until we arrived in Åstol, a very small but beautiful island. From there we went out to the sea and with winds around 6-8m/s, in blasts 10m/s, we passed along the Swedish coast, direction south. It was very nice sailing, the boat was very easy to handle but due to the high waves the crew had now and again little fights against seasickness.

We stayed two nights in Gottskär in order to recover from the long exhausting trip and getting prepared for the long leg across the Kattegat. At 09.07.2003 we started with sunrise at 04:30am in the morning for the 80sm trip to Grenå. A good westerly wind with 8-10m/s, in blasts 12m/s and waves up to two meters took us towards Jylland/Denmark, where we arrived around 18:15 in the evening, very happy, because the hardest bit was now done. Again we needed a rest and stayed in Grenå a while before we carried on to Kolby Kås on the Island of SamsØ.

Strong winds up to 16m/s did not allow us to move on and we relaxed a day again in the harbour. Now summer started; leaving Kolby Kås with back winds of 6m/s promised to be a wonderful sailing day, but unfortunately the wind felt asleep fairly soon. From Lille Belt on we went in two days – mainly with the support of the engine - to Augustenborg which is on the peninsula of Als in Denmark. We arrived in the harbour at 15.07.2003 at 12:00am, as promised to Edith, Horst, Erika and Edmund who expected us on the landing stage.

This summer we spent almost every second weekend on the boat in Augustenborg and made little trips within the Danish South Sea. The first weekend in August we spent with Piddy, Didi, Jani and Leah who had vacation and decided to take the Te-Habenga out to the deep water. We met in Gelting and had very nice weather and conditions not only for sailing within the Als Fjord but also for swimming and barbecue

We also invited Gudrun and Chris for a weekend to join. It was their first sailing adventure and although we had bad weather, we did quite a bit of sailing. We also became experts in drying closes after the trips. Also Henni joined us for a weekend and we got some training lessons how to achieve maximum speed with the boat under given wind conditions. Suddenly we were in a race with everyone else on the water.

We finished the first season at 06.10.2003 with 713sm on the log. The boat was taken out of the water and we prepared it for the next season, which seems to be tooooo far away.

Best regards,
Your HP Crew
Susan & Bernd