Once upon a time....

Susan began in her very early years with canoeing. Every weekend, unless there was ice on the rivers, the whole family went out for training, competitions or socializing with friends from the association they were/are members of. In the 80s Windsurfing became very popular and almost a national sport. Very much dragged along by her addicted brother, Susan started Windsurfing in Gotland/Sweden during a summer vacation. But this was not enough, in spring and autumn, when people normally sit behind the window in front of the fireplace reading a good book, Susan and her brother went Surfing in RingkØbing/Denmark.

I also tried Windsurfing but was not very successful and therefore decided to buy a little sailing boot. The name of the dinghy was “Favonius”. It was an “Achat 420”. You can imagine, I was very proud in those days, my own little sailing boot. I had a lot of fun during those days and spend my time on the water whenever possible.

During my military service with the German Navy, I also had plenty of opportunities and participated in the “Cutter Regatta” taking place during the “Kieler Woche” in Kiel. We came first as we had a very ambitious skipper, partly too amibitious, I felt. Sailing has to be fun and joy!!!

During a pushbike tour along the south coast of Finland we rent a little sailing boot for one day and spent a beautiful day on the water cruising along this incredible unique landscape. The conditions were perfect, blue sky with plenty of sun, fair winds, small islands and a boat, which was easy to handle. If you want to try, you can get the boot here.

After all this, the addiction and the virus was getting bigger and bigger and we decided to buy a real boat.