Read about the crew of Hullu Poro

The crew normally consists of two persons who can both not really sail such a boat. Susan and Bernd are the two crazy individuals and both have only little experience limited to wind surfing and sailing a dingy in shallow waters.

But things can change - and have changed. See here.

With a big portion of courage and the addiction to the sea they managed already more than 2000 miles without any damage to the boat and its crew. The boat is a clear compensation for hard work but there must be a vision involved, otherwise nobody would be so stupid to buy a boat and put it 1000 km from the place you live.

You can recognise from the picture to the left that Susan is always on duty; she never sleeps and her physical conditions are really perfect, at least much much better in comparison to the official skipper of the boat, who tends to fall asleep or does not properly watch out for traffic as you can see from the picture at the right.

Anyway so far the “four hand” crew did manage quite well and both have a great future and sailing career in front of them. We will keep you posted on this website.

Your HP Crew
Susan & Bernd